Transmedia Distribution Platform Worth A Look

The Shadow Gang has launched a new transmedia distribution platform that could provide solutions to many of the problems inherent in transmedia story production and delivery.

At Bellyfeel our functionality ‘wish list’ includes a package that enables transmedia writers to structure, schedule and review their transmedia projects from a birds-eye, or God-like overview position. We’ll let you know if Galahad is our knight in shining armour.

Richard Davis
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Richard - The owner of all stories, copy and text at Bellyfeel. Always been a writer, always will be.
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    1. Krish

      I agree it’s not very developed yet but i do love interactive video – plus there’s so much heat on 4th Wall’s “Rides” at the mo, this area could get pretty exciting – and would like to see more of Conducttr – hope things are going well with it – I’ll mail you.

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