Recently at Bellyfeel we have been writing up several interactive content proposals for the BBC in accordance with their 4 Screen Strategy: Online, Tablet, Mobile Phone, TV/IPTV. We agree with their approach and understand where they are coming from, but we have also thought long and hard about the importance of a fifth area…


Another Space

If we regard the BBC’s 4 Screens as 4 Spaces where content is viewed and/or used, then we need to include a Fifth Space in a social entertainment strategy; the Fifth Space is a physical space where people gather together to share an experience in the flesh, so to speak. It is outside the digital world and exists beyond the computer. It is the theatre, the cinema, the live event.

At Bellyfeel we believe this Fifth Space is a crucial part of social entertainment and has to be included and planned for at the early stages of any project in order to become an organic part of that project.

We will look deeper into the Fifth Space and what it means next time.

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