The games made by thatgamecompany are an intriguing bunch of very good reasons why I want to buy a PS3. These game-makers are looking at moving the videogame into a different realm, where thoughts and emotions count for something, and the gun means nothing.

They prioritise the audiovisual aesthetic to create experiences that give real insight into what videogames can be. In their own words; “We respect our players and want to contribute meaningful, enriching experiences that touch and inspire them”.

Their latest game, Journey, sounds like a truly innovative interactive experience with high and worthy ambitions; “Journey is an interactive parable, an anonymous online adventure to experience a person’s life passage and their intersections with others.” It is also now the fastest-selling game ever realeased in the SCEA region of the PlayStation Network.

“In the world of games, so little has been made so far that it’s like an empty space.”

David Cage (EDGE #240, May 2012)

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