We first developed the concept of Granular Content during the writing of the interactive movie CRIMEFACE. We developed it further and used it in a more social way in THE ALEXANDER WILSON PROJECT.

Granular Content (GC) is ‘fragments’ or ‘chunks’ of story that are generated from within the Storyworld.

Main Linear Story

GC may or may not have an immediate relevance to the main Main Linear Story (MLS) that is being told through the linear narrative of video episodes.

As and when the Viewser chooses to watch more GC, they will experience the slotting together of various GC. Some will inform the MLS or illustrate character backstories or digress to tangential stories related to the Storyworld.

[note color=”#ffffd6″]GC contains a variety of story material – character backstories; scenes that relate and inform directly to the MLS; digressions and tangential stories that appear unrelated to the MLS but have an organic relevance as the material’s roots are generated from within the Storyworld and are therefore a part of the story body that creates and fuels the MLS.[/note]

GC consists of various media including video, animation, graphics and audio.


STORY – An account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.

NARRATIVE – The practice or art or telling stories.

VIEWSER – A ‘viewer’ and a ‘user’ of interactive media.

GRANULAR – Resembling or consisting of small grains or particles.

TANGENT – A completely different line of thought or action.

DIGRESS – To leave the main subject temporarily in speech or writing.

ORGANICISM – Use of literary forms in which the parts are connected or co-ordinated in the whole.


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