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“Bellyfeel really focus in on the magical elements of a Film or TV idea that make it compelling and they have a knack of translating that magic successfully across to new media platforms.”
Sol Papadopoulos – Creative Director – Hurricane Films – Client for 10 years


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“Bellyfeel is an exciting company to work with; flexible in their approach they implemented innovative solutions to meet the target audience. Bellyfeel’s input has been significant in helping our consortium of partners from UK, Italy and Austria achieve its goals.”
Sam Hope – Director – Institute of Media Arts at the University of Wolverhampton – Client for 4 years


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“Bellyfeel gave me valuable advice to effectively use social media to promote my project and how to allow the audience to interact with my story. Krishna Stott and his team are passionate and they have a perfect understanding of what Transmedia is.”
Christian Nommay – Creator, Writer and Producer Titan Effect


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